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System Integration

CENT’s System Integration Services provides consulting, custom development and integration services to bring your IT services up to date with modern architectures and platforms.

We transform your IT architecture to better align with your business goals. We modernize your applications to create a streamlined, agile environment that adapts quickly to business needs.

System Integrations Services helps you overcome the limitations of outdated, inflexible application systems so you can better meet emerging business needs.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SOA enables a more flexible applications infrastructure through component re-use and reduced interface complexity. That lets you create and change business processes as the business changes. We accelerate the implementation of your IT strategy and solutions through a practical transformational approach using proven engineering methods, re-usable assets and technology.

We assess opportunities for Service-Oriented Architecture and determine how SOA will support your business. We help you establish a SOA center of excellence and create a transformation plan. We define an optimal architecture and help you establish governance policies and processes that are relevant to your business. We design and develop solutions, and utilize market leading tools and processes to manage them.

Our Integration services enable the seamless sharing of information within and among enterprises (customers, partners, suppliers). That makes your business faster and more agile.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

ESB helps to provide an architecture to integrating numerous applications together over a bus-like infrastructure, by moving away spaghetti-like point-to-point integration that are difficult and costly to maintain.

CENT’s ESB integration service leverage industry best practice and widely used methodology to help you better manage your application connectivity with minimum IT investment.


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