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Expert Placement

CENT’s Expert Placement provides you with right technical expert to augment your core IT team. Our goal is simple: to provide you with the right expert that fit exactly your needs. This reduces your burden in the process of hiring and retaining personnel with right skills.

Here are scenarios that you can benefit with our Expert Placement service.

Architectual Design

Designing robust and long-lasting applications on SAP is an art. A good design can lower subsequent maintenance effort by large extent. CENT's expertise on designing custom applications for automations, simulations and integration can benefit you to adopt SAP's best practice.

Contingency Resourcing

Addressing issues such as skills shortages, irregular workloads, rising headcount costs and short-term management vacancies, CENT specializes in providing high-level professionals and teams to work with client IT departments and project teams.

We deliver the contract resource best suited to the specific needs of each requirement, using an in-depth understanding of clients' needs and significant expertise within key disciplines.

Managed Services

We provide a managed pool of specialists that handle various stages of your application needs. We help you save your time and effort to retain and build a team of experts that provide unmatched support to your business need.


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