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Swire Resources Limited

Swire Resources acts as the holding company for extensive retail and wholesale interests in sports and lifestyle footwear and apparel. The company operates over 250 retail outlets in Hong Kong and Mainland China, primarily consisting of single brand concept stores and five multi-brand sports and casual retail chains: Marathon Sports, GigaSports, Catalog, d2r and Actif stores.

Challenges Faced
  • Tight project schedule
  • Large number of developments & enhancements
  • Lack of in-house developers with relevant skillsets

Solution CENT Provided
  • Offsite in-town SAP Development & Support Centre
  • Personnels range from consultants, analysts and programmers

Benefits Received
  • Completed 500+ man-days of work in 7 months (equals to 4 immediately available full-time developers)
  • Project go-live on schedule with all development items completed
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